August 22, 2003


everyone knows the real story of suckinga fuck started a long time ago in mexico.

see....some americans were rthere...chasing some injuns....when they came upon a villiage of french mans. and they said"WHO TEH FUCK ARE YOU!?!?!" and the french mans were like "FRENCHMANS WEE WEE" and the americans said various things baout "no i dont have to pee" and then they linched some black men who trie dto escape but they caught them and this wa sthe first time they had a chance to linch em since they started chasing the injuns....who were vile killers.....who needed to be wiped out becaus ethey arent human.

anyways...they shat on the frenchmanses house. and then they went and realised thath the frenchmanses were gay. so then they kille dthem because gays are not right in gods eyes.

well then they forgot why tehy were there...but all they knew was that thee were a whole lot of mexican women not having sex with they raped them.

mean while in europe some guys kidnapped a boy and fed him to rats....because asian boys have no place in this country in europe. it was his own fault for being there.

well it was pretty soon figured out that they should start killing everyone in china. but first they had to kill everyone who was from a different religion..because they are pagans...and not right in gods eyes.

somewhere along the russia i believe...a man named hermon(hermon was a germon) had sex with a bunch of russian women. but he got tired of fucking he made them give him head.

and then he said"wow thats almost like fucking..but you are sucking my little comrade"

so then he called it a suck fuck. which in the origional latin means "your mom is a gross disgusting perverted dirty whore whos anus i have penetrated many a day under the full sun with a hint of rain in the air in the back room of the bakery an dthen i stuck my dick in a pastry and sold it to you for whatever currency they use in that country"

well after that it caught on...

the word changed a bit...well it turned into the phrase we now all know and love SUCK A FUCK......but the meaning will always be open to interpretation.


jesus christ didnt any of you take history in high school????


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