July 30, 2003

theres no zach street either. jokes on all of us though-theres probably a JEFF street or something.

so. Bad Boys 2. see it. i reliesed soemthign funny about Micheal Bay films. they move so fast, you dont have the chance to reliese that the plot is stupid, or that they just did something that either made no sense or was stupiud as fuck (ie, the captain's comment about no cops being killed when you just saw momments ago a cop car being hit by an exploding boat). it has an almost laughable ending too, i wont tell yas but you'll smack your foreheads and just stare blankly at the screen, hoping they didnt just pull that off or tried too more like it. Bay of Pigs anyone? i think bradbury is the only one that might get what im saying. i found the movie entertaining, and i hgated the original. i liked this one. more action. more comedy. more gore and violence (like my favorite part of the movie where the drug lords threw corpses out of the back end of the vehical at the cops, haha, oh man so funny) this is diffently a movie to bring the kids to. id have to admit. i had fun at this movie. it never took itself seriously (and how could you w/ henry rollins having the opening lines of the film?). yeup. funtimes. i still hate micheal bay though. i still think hes a piece of shit, but i think i just like Will Smith more that Nicholas Cage.

Man Show Season 1 is uber. i furgot how much ass the FOX kicked. man. now i just need TV Funhouse and UCB (DOlphin's SUCK IT!!!!) dvd collection and i'll be a happy jimmoi.

so they remade Texas Chainsaw Massacar and Dawn of the Dead. and theres a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China as well. Bigger Trouble in Little China? or maybe Little Trouble in Big China? i still think this proves that all the good idea's for movies are gone. which would explain the OVERFLOW of comics into movies we're seeing. weee.

abracadabra, i wanna reach out and grab ya.

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