July 28, 2003

i cant beliueve that made this -CLICK ME- into a movie...i cant believe they are releasing this as a movie...i cant believe someone spent money on the special effects for the movie. oh....my...god.

clik on the link than click on the trailer....watch it. its liek 2 minutes maybe. i swear---it will make your day. you will laugh than cry and than get angry because they actually made it. its real. on its being released in august. fucking eh. i need to go lie down now. all i did today was watch trailers to shitty movies today. OnceUponATimeinMexico looks pretty funny too. especially w/ Enrique Eglasius. haha. and the rock movie, first line he has int eh trailer made me laugh. i so overated him as an actor. oh whats this with VH1 naming him as one of the top 200 icons and John Wayne Bobbit, Jesus Chroist or (this made me pissed) Hulk Hogan not? cant have any list abotu pop icons or anything to do w/ pop culture w/o Jeebus or John Wayne "i lost my pee pee" Bobbit. and the Hulkster is WAAAAAAY better than the rock any fucking day. he MADE wrestling...well...to me and my generation he did.

also: jeff what ever happened to you UBER POSTS and hero song and what not? and what happened to the WAR? and where the fuck is everyone? did we all suddenly lose interest w/ what other peopel have to say when theyre bored? did james finally pissed all of you off? wow. ive never seen it this dead since....well, actually w/o james' and my post the lasty fours days? there wouldnt have been any posts at all. thats almost a wekk of no postings. jeebus. id like not waste anymore monies on this anymore james, unless you want us all to chip in for the SAVE THE SLUGS fund. hehe. i still need to mail off that check. its int eh envelope and has a stamp, i, just too lazy. oh well.

so now---i guess its time for a possible moment of zen? last word? picture of a fat person? ok.

haha-look at the fat kid flashing peace. he can't be older than twelve. what the fuck does he know about the war and the reason's behind it and politics? haha, and he's fat.

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