July 01, 2003

haha. poor jeff.

NONfinis: playing tony hawk... trying to see why so many people like it
NONfinis: it's one of those things that i would rather do in real life then in a video game
NONfinis: though i suppose to be fair
NONfinis: if i could find an arm cannon that could shoot four different beams and a hyper tech suit that allowed me to roll around in a ball and hunt down alien pirates... i'd want to do that in real life too
NONfinis: (metroid - in case you didn't catch the reference)
cyclope45: ah
cyclope45: makes sense now
cyclope45: course
cyclope45: than youd also rather be a woman
cyclope45: in real life
cyclope45: eh jeff?
NONfinis: i hate you.
NONfinis: and now your going to post this and take it completely out of context.
NONfinis: bastard.
cyclope45: haha
cyclope45: was already in bloigger
cyclope45: haah
NONfinis: to reiterate...
NONfinis: i hate you.

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