June 16, 2003

sometimes it feels liek the world's on my shoulders-everyone is leaning on me...

SUPER BOMBER MAN. oh dear jesus. why is the game so addicting? i remember playing bomberman gta and worms in my back yard w/ justin and jeff eating hot dogs and drinking cheap safeway soda. good times.

ive been bugged a lot for not having my mobility folder ready. it was suppose to be done like thursday---and i ATTEMPTED to get everything, but i still need to get new dog tags. argh. im not going anywhere until i get all that done, so i guess thats good. knowing me-i'll NEVER get any of it done.

i just got notified that im bay orderly this week. fook. i have to clean. argh. for a whole week. and than be CQ. poo.

i eat moon pies now.

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