June 27, 2003

my favorite had to have beem pirate jOe. manoman.

well, ive been busy today. a server is down and we're suppose to fix it. basically, ive been just playing Raiden on the SNES emmulators, but thats a lot of work. a very difficult game thats seems to be endless in its fireballs, bosses helicopters and spooky one hp tanks. gotta beware of them japanese though---if they could build a plane that has endless ammo, advance laser technology, homing missle that seem to
NEVER miss and can go into space, than maybe we shouldnt have stopped at nagasaki?

im speaking nonsense again. wee look at me!

we have a new supervisor. hes a lazy bastard. we caught him sleeping in the backroom. he's been kicked out of 3 shops already (NCC to ADPE, ADPE to orderly room and orderly room back to the NCC...). i dont see what the big fuss is about him. i mean, 12 hour shifts suck, its hard to stay awake. especially after you drink as much as he does before work.

i failed by test again. one more time and they might kick me out. hmmm. temptations... nah, i like getting paid not to eat.

my clothing allowence came in, so now i get anohter 100$ this paycheck. i might buy another leather chair. a lazy boy. or a bass guitar. or start work on my system. i dunno. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. i can do a lot of things. i might not have enough time.

i would like to push out a penis ban on the board. i dunno, but james' and jeff's sexual orientation is not any of the board's bussiness. if they want to be be gay and remain homosexual, than i say we should be more supportive. lets keep the hate in the closet and the gay out. next time you guys see james or jeff, say "i respect you. no matter what people say, you are anohter human being to me. no matter what sexual orientation you are or how many guys youve had sex w/, i will remain your friend. consider me your understanding very hetrosexual friend." and give them a hug. its ok. you cant get AIDS through hugging. go ahead. thats it. huggy hug hug.

i feel sick. i think i caught a cold.

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