June 17, 2003

i hate evansnakmscxnvnjrcnqer. i do think they should jump out of a building, much like they do in their horible music video.

ive been eating food again. solid food, and havent been shitting much for a while. so i think signs point ot greener pastures as appose to brown and the occaisional yellow.

so i finally watche trainspotting all the way through. ive always seen it all the way up to the part where he gets a job and almost becomes normal. never saw the rest until now---and i have to say, i was a bit disapointed. im too tired to say why, if their really is any reason. probably isnt.
i have yet to see boondock saints. in on my desk right now. i could put it in. but i wont.

im already down cleaning the buildiong. we didnt have a mop so i just threw pine sol on the floor and droped a rag on the floor and pushed it with a stick. it has the same effect. im not sure what im suppose to be doing. i finished the checklist in liek 20 minutes, so i think i might be done. if thats the case, than this bay orderly stuff rools. 20 minute work days for a week. sweet. thursday i do have to mow the lawn, and i guess either friday or saturday i have to be cq for twelve hours, but other than that, this ought to be cake.

i dont knwo where or when we had this conversation, but i want to state this: Army of Darkness was a sequel to Evil Dead 2, but Evil Dead 2 wasnt a sequel to Evil Dead, but rather a retelling of the first movie. i think i had this "discussion/argument" with james, but i ferget. it was probably like 3 years ago on the stairs at bethel, and i hadnt even seen army of darkness or evil dead at the time, just evil dead 2. finally saw evil dead, have it on my computer and dear lord-what a horrible movie. i love it. i still need to watch eraserhead.

it seems like we're all waiting for someone to make the first move in this "PHOTOSHOP WAR" thingie. we all know its comming. you can smell it. dead posts, free time and boredom-its ripe for postings. the only quesion is---will it be as grane as it was last year (or was that two years ago? jeebus, time flys)? we shall see...

oh, and i hate you motherfuckers.

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