May 04, 2003

working graves sucks. im here by myself. the phone hasnt rung since 8pm. its 4am right now. im watching vh1 because the only other thign on is infomercials. im bored. fordyce and howell said they'll stop by and play monopoly. they havent came by yet. i think they went to sleep. assholes. they took all the games off the systems, so no battlefield 1942 or quake 3 for me. they still have the imulators though, so im keeping entertain, just that it aint enough. hahaha master p's ignition is on.
its the remix addition, of a song about pissin'
this song rules. "i'm drinkin' coke and rum, i say so what im drunk-its the freakin weekend baby and im about to have fun-i wanna go PEE PEE! i need to go POO POO..." harhar.
Sgt Walker was telling us about how back in the day they use to snort a shot of everclear at work evertime a call came in on graves.

wee-Pimp Joose is now on. i hate this song. good video though.

well, im goign to eat some hot pockets and candied nutz.

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