May 03, 2003

Im bored. I watched Xmen2 today, and let me be the first on the board to say it---Its better than the first one. I hated the first one, well---it was ok, but this one is a lot better. theres still holes in the plot, and hallie berry's lines are still comical, but its obvious that bryan singer put a lot more effort into making this movie than he did w/ the first movie. oh look-eye candy! yea, still has that, but trust me---its a good enough film to see in theathers.

well---that didnt take that much time off of my hands and im still not tired...uhm...heres a joke. A man and his wife were arguing about who was the better golf player. the husband wagered that he can hit the ball further than his wife, so you went out to the fornt yard and sliced the ball into a window of the house across the street. when they rushed over to the house they noticed that they had broken a lamp/vase thingie inside the house. the couple knocked on the door of the house, and a large bald man opened the door. "Im sorry about the golf ball crashing through your window---i apologize and we'll pay for any damages thast we have caused---blah blah blah." and the bald guy said "oh dont worry-youre not goignt o believe this but i want to thank you for breaking that vase-you see, im a genni-and i was trapped in that lamp/vase thingie for 1000 years, and you have freed me!" so the husband asked "well-since i freed you, dont i get a wish?" and the genni replied "well you see, normally you would, but ive been in that vase for so long and i havent had sex for 1000 years. so maybe if you let me have sex with your wife, i will grant you your wish." so the husband looks over at his wife, and they discuss it and she agrees to have sex witht he genni. so she goes up stairs and intot he bedroom w/ the genni and they do the funcky sexings. after thewy were all finished-the genni looks over at the wife and says " guys still believe in Gennis, eh?"

i cant spell gennis...fuck you. im still not tired. heres something:


i figuare this might get soem input from soem people. though i dont knwo much about cars---i do know what looks good. now---granted bradbury will probably disagree with most of my choices and have real reasons why-but its ok. id liek to see his top five (as long as teh toyota supra form fast and the furious is not on there---im sick of that car). anyway---here goes:

The car in the Matrix was a hard-top, but you get the point.

5. 1965 Lincoln Continental from the Matrix. How can you NOT like this car? its my personal favorite. main feature of the car that i like the most? SUICIDE DOORS. yum.

4. 1958 Ferrari 250 GTS Calafornia from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I'm sorry, but i cried when that car got wrecked.

Shitty picature, and the one in the movie is a lot better i assure you

3. 1978 Monte Carlo from Training Day. This car was custom made, ground up. I dont think i cried when this car got wrecked by them dern russians, but it s a very lovely car. When "Still Dre" beings and the car's bakc drops...yummy. the movie was decent...the car made the movie.

2. 1968 (or 67) Shelby Mustang GT from Gone in 60 Seconds. God i hate that movie. if that car wasnt in it, id never ever would think about it. i still dont, only when i thought about making this list did i remmeber how bad ass that car was. fuck that movie.

Honerable Mention? The Batmobile. hell yes.

1. The Delorian from Back To The Future. Sure, this car was a pile of crap and stainless steel cars was a worthless idea. and Yes, w/ this car you will never ever be able to park in normal "mall" parking spaces-but who on this board did not want to have this car after wathcing this movie? and in the Second one where it flew? fuck yea.

well im done for now...

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