May 12, 2003

europeans do not believe in batheing. this is true. in fact the french are world leaders in the perfume industry mainly due to the fact that their culture does not bathe. i lived maybe 2 hours from the french boarder and i travel trhere on weekends many times as a child, and i have to say that the french are very rude---but at teh same time-are americans any nicer? are english? are koreans? fuck no (actually-the germans and the japanese are the most polite people on the planet, ironic, aint it?). do i like the french? id care less about them. the country as a whoel reminds me of hollywood, where everyone cares about appearence and "culture" and "art". and i hated hollywood, since i hate southern california, so i guess i do hate france. as for italy. what the fuck are you talkign abotu zacho-have you ever had real italian food? youd hate it. last i checked you dotn like onions or garlic so id liek to see you eat real italian cuisine. i perferr french food over italian believe it or not. i hate italian pizza- i preferr chicago style-and veal parmesean is the most god awful tasting meal i ever had. and their lausangnia is actually soup. wtf? ever had lausangnia soup? sick. now like i said, the american take on italian foods (as seen in olive garden and other such restarunts) they taste good.

so in closing, i blew chunks out of my ass and you all ate it.

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