April 27, 2003

StarScream? oh dear jesus-he was a FAG. and his voice was so fucki ng annoying.

anyway---im suprise we dont have like BATMAN from the bat man cartoons...i furgot how cool he was. anywho---zacho---you will never beat my score of 9.1 which i finished up w/ before fordyce decided to be cute and change my picature, but who cares, i proved my point---IM A SEXXXY BITCH. its the asian persuasion. sides, i like my picature now---and im hotter than more than half of the idiots on hotornot--so wee.

uhm...whats else.

oh---aaron was not in mr hadlands class w/ me and justin---that was austin. man, whatever happened to him? breanna---do you know? i should call people more often. *shrugs*. fuck it. im too busy...uhm...yea, fuck you guys im in canada.

they wont let me take leave for thonse three days-so im goign AWOL. just hope they dont do a recall or something.

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