April 27, 2003

Oh yeah, side note, might as well hear it from me, then from some bum on the side of the road giving head for information...YOU KNOW WHO IM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!

Well... bout a week ago or so. i forget, was hospitalized for 1 or 2 days for stuff to be pumped into my ass and needles shoved everywhichway so then they could poke more needles into my neck and not have me " be paralized for the rest of my life. "

so after which i miss about 1 or 2 weeks of school, and then the doctors give me ...permission ... you could call it, to take homeschooling, mom jumps at this idea and imiedietly takes me out of school and into homeschooling...which is kind of cool in a sence, becuas now i can do everything at home and get credit for doing it, for instance, typing this all out gets me around 20 min of " creative writing. " and going to the mall and playing DDR, gives me some odd hours towards my PE credit. Funny shit, and yes i know most of you grading this post would be like " sucks. F ....misspelled words, bad grammer, spelt spel'en with one L " yeah well fuck you :P

so....theres ya go......touch my cock, i dont give a damn, im geting my fucking Highschool deploma and i cheated. Bitches.

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