April 25, 2003

Note to middle aged man in parking lot this morning:
just because you have decided to take on the social stigmata of a mullet, does not mean you must condemn all three of your androgenous (sp?)children to the same fate. You can go ahead and be a martyr for your cause of "resurrecting all the deceased members of Lynyrd Skynyrd through the powers of terrible haircuts" or whatever it is you are attempting to do, but come on man, think of the kids!

Anyway, James, comment system isn't that hard to implement, fuck you, I did it on another board (lifeboat?) awhile back, took maybe forty five minutes of my time.

Also, need I remind you guys that awhile back we shifted the importance of chronological posting, making not the first post the best, but second post? If you look to the archives, you'll see what I'm talking about, we never officially shifted it back, so you are all backwards.

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