April 25, 2003

just a little correction james.....*cough 7.9 cough*

i for one....like chronological order. first posts are now king of the day...making first post glory just that, once again. i bote for it to stay.

I ALSO SAY FUCK YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE THE WANTERS OF FUCKING COMMENT SYSTEMS. NOBODY EVER GODDAMN POSTED BECAUSE IT WOULD BE IN COMMENTS....AND FUCKING I NEVER READ MY COMMENTS SO POTENTIAL GOOD POINTS OR ARGUEMENTS WERE LOST fuck the comment system..fuck james ass even if he can make one..just because fucking jame sin teh ass is desireable to me. seriously...anyone else bugs james about a comment system..ill ram a 9 inch steel pipe so far up their sweaty ass that it will come out of a pore in teh top of their pinshaped head.

ass munches.

i propose this for the me+jimmoi return to home funzo weekend.
camping at whichever camp place thing is cheaper. lots and lots and lots of beer. poker. anal sex for all. on elast revival of road skiing..but taken to a new level. somewhere outside of pierce county. and on video. with points given for distance of ski and time...and amount of sparks.(finess?)... whatever we do should begin late at night on friday.....with eating at that one place we used to eat and then a jones cap"youre gonna get head" circle. actually that could probably come at the end of the adventure too..whatever. i just think it would be nice to add those things to the mix once more.....because they very well may never happen again.....or something ....or you guys coul djust be like.."eh fuck you zach." whatever. thats what my idea of a good time is. and its been fucken forever since ive had that kind of a throw down good time shiggity doo dah. ill even bring my cane out with me on the plane.


my favorite SNES games were
* mario cart racing
*utopia: the creation of a nation
*super bomber man

i never got into genesis.

UT is still my favorite of the FPS games we used to play.

um....gay sex is still better than non gay sex. especially if its with a man!

damn..i just stuck lego spears through my earring holes. now i can have lego guys holding onto the spears as my earrings. this is going to be fucking awesome.

what else...

oh yeah james did i mention that at last check its 7.9?


sounds like a car commercial. 7.9 something or another financing and nothing down till 2005 give us your soul call 555 wegityooorsole!

i saw phone booth. it was short. and i didnt end teh way i wanted. and the end was quite predictable. it was pretty entertaining though.


long post.

glad to see life again breathed into the board.

fuck you. all of you.

starting with you.

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