April 28, 2003

first post glory?

starscreams was indeed a fag. im actually watching transformers right now. his voice is re-fucking-tarded.

on cartoons....i kept trying to watch the GI Joe movie and i kept falling asleep halfway. it was pissing me off.speaking of fags....cobra comander was the biggest fag of them all. in fact..COBRA was one big fag team. the generic cobra troops were cool..and the weapons...but the main characters were queer.

and the GI Joes were too goddamn idealistic. feh.

im getting sick of random speed traps...and cops that suddenly decide "OH HEY LETS TAILGATE ZACH-0 FOR 2 MILES DDOWNHILLTO MAKE SURE HE DOESNT SPEED. bastard fuckers.

im driving..and there is a yellow light..but i know im not gonna mak eit....but im going really fast and im like"feh ill run it" but something inside tells me to slam on my brakes. of course the light goes red way before id have gotten there...and i scream to a halt. i look to my left..and there are 4, count em..ONE TWO THREE FOUR cop cars stopped at the cross street. such would have beena tragic encounter.

i hate cops.

my lego earrings are a hit.

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