November 07, 2002

I agree with Zacho totally on the musicians being actors bit. Fact of the
matter is, any successful entertainer is just that -- an entertainer.
On a side note to that, you don't necissarily have to feel the same way
on a daily basis to still feel a song. I can be perfectly happy and listen
to a depressing song, and that song will still affect me. I'm sure the
musicians go through a similar process to an even larger extent, since
they are the ones who wrote the song.

Mr R -- Sorry this is the first time I've been to a computer in somewhere
between 3-5 days -- and in those 3-5 days I found a place for Xander to stay.
Thanks though.

So my girlfriend is moving to Oregon on Sunday. What funzo goodness.
Talk about coming and going. Yep. Which means I'll have a new girlfriend
on Monday, or mebbe Tuesday....or whatever day I am in the mood to
drive down to Puyallup and catch her before she goes home.

Aaron. If you read this, me and James are trying to get ahold of you.
Before Friday. So call one of us.
If you don't have my cell, it's 229-4316 -- and I'm pretty sure you have

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