November 07, 2002

first and foremost i will start by saying that i do not understand things like computer stuffamajigs. the reason that zee board would not work in my room has been amended. some odd frame of mind caused me to right click and go to "encoding" an dlo and behold...zee board was showing up in something called "UNICODE!". now i dont know what this unicode is...or why it feels th eneed to be united in codeness....but i thought"well hmmm that thar jeest dun seem rite" then i get to looking and what should i see, but that you can set it for all different sorts of odd settings. so i dun picked western european which sayd"(windows)" after it..and sure as shootin it dun workeded. hot dayum..zach-0 posts from his room again...thus greatly making him want to post more often now because of the convenience of his own computer. so i have slain the beats of UNICODE devlishness. to which i can only say resoundingly FUCK YOU BUDDY!

musicians are an odd stupid lot. at times i have, and some times i still do, consider myself one. i like to fancy that one day i will get myself a ?EMO? band and write songs that mean absolute gibberish..except when i wrot ethe odd combinations of words they actuially sorta meant something. like a puzzle if you will. thats how my mind tends to work when it is working at all. and in this ?EMO? band, i would like..i dunno sing and play geetar. and maybe have songs that had a clever lyric and were somewhat popular amoung kids who wear really tight pants and have black shaggy hair and buttons all over their bags and girlfreinds who wear horn rimmed glasses that arent perscription and they have a shirt on that says"dashboard confessional" and they are an ?EMO? happy love sad cry laugh couple of sex having poetry funzo. and they will buy my ?EMO? band shirts and cds and BUTTONS TO PUT ON THEIR BAGS COVERED WITH BUTTONS. and my songs will rock your face and move you. and be funny, yet ironic. and maybe my ?EMO? and will go on a tour and people wil sing the funny and ironic lyrics i wrote as i sing them while i am on stage. and then it will all be over and i will get into another band. or maybe ill die. or maybe ill settle down and get areal job, but always look back on my days in an ?EMO? band with fond memories.

but musicians are an odd sort. they like to make money some of them do. others like the fact that they CANNOT TAKE A FUCKING DUMP IN SAFEWAY without people going"hey wow you are my favorite singer and you are pooping! and i poop too! I RELATE TO YOU!!!!.

james had a couple good points back there. how the hell can someone write something in the very moment of your greatest anguish or despair..and ever again hope to relive that...much less actually atempt in night after night for years on tour. in many ways...they cant. and if they say they can..they are probably lying through their teeth(or lack thereof depending on if they are from GREAT BRITAIN or not). most bands or singers pretty much script their concerts. especially the big ones. but the small ones too. evefything they do is an act. from the way they "dance" during every song...right on down to the jokes that every one seems to think are so random and clever. that is why if you are a rabid fan of certain bands..youd be wise not to see them twice on the same tour.
what the fuck is your point zach-0??!?!?!?!??!

my point?


my point is..that musicians are actors. or something like it. i dont know. but they put on invisible masks of "emotion". even the bands/singers who dont script their shows. look at a band like..ummmm...the aquabats. how the FUCK can you possibly perform a song like "SUPERRAD" and be bummed out? its quite human to be bummed out. and we dont get to pick and choose when we have our moods. so mr commander aquabat man..if he is bumme dout..has to PREEETEND to be SUPERRAD FUNZO HAPPY. that is what i mean by masks.

fuck you james i dont even remember what it was that i was going to disagree about. maybe i wanst going to.


im done with that subject.

my ex girlfriend seem sto have decided to go insane. actualy it sjust another case of acting. or rather..she is done acting. taht is pretemding to like me. or pretending to try and be something she envisioned i would like her to be. ugh. the very idea makes me want to piss myself. the only thing that changed about me was the length and color of my hair. but her entire goddamn personality MORPHED from something interesting and altogether NOT female/highschool drama prone into....well just the opposite of what i just said. so i dont know why i call this to anyones attention. maybe it is because i doubt that many of you will have actually read this far down my long and obnoxious post. but i have grown weary of people wanting to have a whole SOAP OPERA life in the lifeurinals livejournals. me saying things like..what i actually feel...usually gets me a whole ocean of drama that i simply cannot stand to sail. so i just scuttle my boat and go down with it. which brings me here...or something like that.

shut up zach.

i just downloaded the complete version of beethovens fifth symphony. bitches!


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