November 03, 2002

as always, i have varying opinions on jameseseses post which hath just posted in largeness of mass. however i am too lazy to post them. i dont feel like getting into it. both about th emusic, and about the christianity thing. although i do agree with him on the point where he talks about how it isnt possible to feel the same as y ou did when you wrote a song, every time you recreate it on stage.

like....musicians should be all about constantly releasing new material. however i know plenty of musicians who feel they have done us all a favor if they release 8 or 10 new pieces of music every 3 or 4 years. that kind of thing bothers me. on the same note a lot of bands who constantly release new material just tend to focus onky on getting the new material, and not any feeling behind it an dit just tends to be mundane or downright dumb(*cough weezer cough*). so i think that musicians should strive to find a balance between the two. ...but wait..that wouldnt be profitable now would it?

no wonto something less productive and controvertial....

ive recently discovered that sonic has them..and i cannot get enough. odd..because i fucking hate hot dogs. hmmm.

i like it when people make a big hubbub about things like "oh i am going to stop drinking soda." or..oh i am going to stop cussing". and they feel good about themselves...because they manage to go a day or two without doing this thing they feel needs to be stopped. and then a day or so later you will be talking to them and they will tell you all about it..and 5 minutes later..they will buy a soda at a fast food"joint" .....or they will get mad at the phone and go "dammit!"..and then try to say..oh well that doesnt count. people are an odd sort.

and then there are long haired gay people named james who like to eat thinsg that taste like

and you think to yourself.....

what the hell is zach-0 fucking talking about?

the end?

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