October 01, 2002

zacho, im so down with the fuck things, and not the way KRISSY did it...

FUCK people, because they are stupid and they only care about their believes...

mostly the people in my 2nd period. who are mostly giggleing girls... FUCK them because they never SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Fuck homework, because it likes to not be where its suppose to be. and always gets me introubble

subs who take shit from supuid stunents need to be shot , because if i can stand up in the middle of class walk to the back of the class and say " YOU WANNA FUCK WITH ME YOU FUCK WITH ME AFTER CLASS " and scare the jesus out of the kid so he doesnt throw anything even remotly in my direction..... FUCK wussy teachers and subs..

Fuck the internet, and becusae in the times you wanna get on and get off real qucik, it acts retarded and goes as slow as possable

FUCK JUDGE/COURT DATES ON TEEVEEE!!! they are VERY anoying.... well maby 1 or 2 are funny.

( add to zachos FUCK list )

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