October 23, 2002

stop trying to stick up for women in rock.
if there are women who really rock..then they will be perfectly capable of revealing themselves to us with their rockingness or something. when someone tells me something i like sucks..or doesnt meet up to their standards i go "right on" for the most part..because if we all had the same goddamn opinion then it would be fucking gayer than when me and james suck each others cocks.

quit talking about what rock is.

ok here..my final opinion. gwen stephani does not rock. she once did rock.....but now she does not. now she grooves.

lets talk about something else now.....this particular board focus will just perpetuate because, like so many other thinsg like the spiderman vs wolverine debate of days gone bye...PEOPLES OPNIONS WILL NOT BE SWAYED BY YOU TELLING THEM THEIR OPINION SUCKS AND THAT YOUR OPINION IS WHAT THEY SHOULD REALLY THINK. CHROIST. i dont care if you all disagree with my opinions. in fact i enjoy it.

gas prices are fucking going through the roof here! what does a gallon run back there? here in kansas ive seen it as high as 1.60..and i havnt seen it lower than 1.49 for mor ethan three weeks. its rediculous. when i moved here gas was 89 cents a fucking gallon! fuck opec.

i have to go fail college now.


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