October 07, 2002

So Randy was gone, and I was left to operate the machine, with April. Simple logic just surpasses the woman...

Me - The board is coming through the machine crooked.
April - it looks like the rollers need a rubberband.
Me - No, you see...that's after the slots. It's going through the slots crooked...look.
A - Yeah, so we need to put a rubberband no the roller...
Me - no...we don't.
A - oooooooh, I see.

You know James, I really didn't believe what you guys were saying about her, til I actually had to work with her. First you think "no...no one can be THAT braindead." But man...that conversation hurt my head. Along with the "joy" of working with her, I was blessed with 2 POST workers. Mike Alther, who has been there for 3 months, and doesn't know how to use the computer, and Kim Hetzel, the fatest, slowest, and laziest person alive.

Mike - Those numbers up there...is that how fast we're going?
Me - Yes....it sure is.
Mike - ....in...boxes per hour?
Me - ...........yes......boxes....
Mike - *in awe*

Kim - I'm amazed at your knowledge of this machine.
Me - I'm amazed at how you've been here many years more than I, and you don't know how to run yours

Gah, now I know why Randy's so bitter.

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