October 29, 2002

So I made the mistake of letting my girlfriend drive my car again.
Let's just say I'm short a tire -- again, and there is a deflated airbag
hanging from where the center of my steering wheel use to be.
Good thing I have another car.
I had two cops threatening me with a negligent, or even a wreckless
driving ticket as well. They also threatened to arrest me for wreckless
driving (which is a good thing they didn't, since I had an illegal knife
in my right jacket pocket). They also didn't notice the fact that the
insurance card I showed to them was 6 days expired, which is another
$480 fine to boot.
Jimmoi is good at bullshitting his way through life. I'm good at bullshitting
my way to remain in life.

Odd thing was -- I didn't get pissed at the girl.
Not at all. I didn't quite understand it myself.

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