October 25, 2002

Well I have to agree with you 100% on #1 Bre, but I usually keep
quiet about it because people get so damned defensive about it.
As far as the charity thing -- well yeah, that's common knowledge,
as a matter of fact it's taught in basic psychology classes, that
everything you do is for yourself, whether ya like it or not. Even
those do-gooders who go to church and promote all that is good,
they simply do it so they can go to their "heaven."

And -- although I'm not sad for the people shot -- I don't find the
whole sniper incident interesting.
I did find it interesting that he was in Tacoma. "Interesting" meaning
it caught my attention when Aaron mentioned it, I thought about
it for a second, then went on with my business.

Now, when I'm driving down 167 and believe that I'm being shot at,
as does my friend who's sitting next to me in the passenger seat,
then I'm concerned about it.
That is -- until I take note that none of us are dead, and that it was
weeks ago.

Micheal -- Shutup.
Mr R -- Shutup
Breadbelly -- I see your point. Hence why I never called you bradberrie.
Pinkos -- .....Hiya Pinkos.
Micheal -- Shutup

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