October 22, 2002

a perfect example of why i will tend to agree almost completely with james.....is the band The Temper Tantrums. they are a band signed to one of the larger west coast indie rock label(bettie rocket records i believe). they have two albums out. they have toured the us a couple of times now.....and to this day i have yet to meet one fucking person who enjoys ther music. why? because it is terrible. it takes the standard like 3 chords of punk...subtracts a chord, leaving two chords.....and adds annoying tripple female high pitched annoyingness posing as singing. this band does not rck at all. the only reason they exist in my opinion is A) the guitarists husband is in some band or another and she wants to have a band too..and B) they are all hot pieces of young ass to stare at. that is literally why people even watch them at all.

sleater kinney......ugh dont get me started.

"riotgrrrrl" punk..is terrible. i mean, most punk is terrible..but this take sit to an annoying low. therefore it does not rock in any way shape or form.

women on the majority do not rock.
you know who rocks?

my smelly unshaven asshole. thats hwat rocks.

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