October 30, 2002

One of the greatest bits of comedy, although irritating, that I get to
see in my home.
My mom gets back, on one of her breaks from work, and she just
out of the blue starts bitching about something. This something I for
the most part ignore, aside from how it annoys me that she's bitching
about it out of the blue. As she bitches she manages to work herself
up, putting herself in an even worse mood...and bitches some more.
She eventually gets to the point where she starts walking really fast
doing things like slamming doors -- for no appearent reason, aside
from the fact that she's pissed, because she pissed herself off.

Way to go mom, take fast, heavy steps. Show the world your anger.

Damn it's annoying, grates my nerves even. But damn is it funny.
I considered telling her this just now. How funny I found it. But chose
not to for the simple reason that I dun feel like dealing with her right
now, nor do I wish to be here right now (or ever).

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