October 05, 2002

Ok now ive found out why people piss me off and im in this whole "gangsta rap-shank everybody" sort of vibe. Its because of this blog right there
called In Sluts we Trust
i give you a quote from it
"FOAM PARTY. hell yeah.

my eyes freaking hurt. if you spend like 2 or 3 hours straight rubbing soap in your eyes, they will tend to do that. i bet i look like a junky, my eyes are all red and irritated. good times though. i just don't have the energy to blog about it now.
WAnked "
god its idiots like these that make me want to tear out my eyes with a spoon...ive got shit swirling around in my head as i walk through the halls that could probably get me suspended on three seperate counts of assault, 4 of suspected arson, and a moving violation for the sexual assault of a small pygmie goat.
oh and heres there web address http://www.wanked.net/index.html
im guessing they are fucking english ravers or something...must sleep now before i try to find me a goat

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