October 01, 2002

if i were to go hunting..i would want to just run up and stab the animals..and as i understand it..thta doesnt work very well. spo i would be a bad hunter. so fuck hunting.

fuck everything i am not good at actually. and fuck everything i am good at(which isnt much) because being good at something alienates people into little groups of people who are good at this or that..or who ARENT good at this or that.

i hate my college too. becaus eit is a small tiny piece of shit college...and the instructors take themselves as, if not more seriously than REAL college instructors. and they change due dates on papers. and try to be an english teahcer..when they are grading a history paper.

i hate bumper stickers..because inevitably when you put one on...there is an air bubble that just will NOT come out.

you know what i really fucking hate. when you are trying to fix something you did wrong on a paper you are writing..and the program you are using..decides to do that goddamn thing where you type new words..and it goes over what you already typed..and you dont relaise this until you ahve lost like..two or three lines of work. goddamn jimminy cricket fuck ass cock that annoys the fuck out of me. what the hell is that feture called? does anyone know what im talking about? what is is..and why the hell does it just suddenly decide to be on?
fuck that thing..whatever it maybe.
fuck it.

and fuck mcdonalds just for good measure.

and fuck wal mart if they dont call me back.

oh yeah and fuck jimmoi for only calling on weekends that i have had plans to be gone on for weeks. yeah.

i want to stab someone.

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