October 16, 2002

I wish I was, to dead to cry

One of the coolest lines I've heard in a song in the past few years.

Drove a lot today. Back and forth between locations trying to kill time.
Sorry Micheal, for not showin up btw, but got caught pickin up some shit
for my mom and by the time I got there it'd almost been time to bring ya
back anyways.

It's the most wonderful thing, yanno. Being lectured by your ex, of all people..
about your drinking. This person who's been spending the last 6 months or so
getting drunk on a consistent basis lecturing you about drinking on a nightly basis
since your birthday, even though you've only even come close to being
drunk one of those nights. Indeed.

Needless to say I turned that convorsation back in her face real quick.
It was fun.
Yeup. Lots of funzo "tell the contradictive ex to shove it" goodness.
That is all.

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