October 15, 2002

i remember the last time i was unemployed. only this time, i dont know anyone...and there is no girlfriend to find places for me to eat and sleep etc. but this time i have a car. awesome. i also have a place to live. hmmm. college is expensive.

i like chocolate pie. yum yum.

the other day, as i was going onto the front gate of fort leavenworth..i accidentally dropped my id card when i was handing it to the guard. he jumped back, put his hand to his gun..the other guards did the same, and he goes"STAY WHERE YOU ARE! I'LL GET IT!!!!!"....as if.i threw the card on the ground as a distraction......and while he was bending over..i was going to make a run for it........
man. these new guards are really jumpy.

awww go suck an egg fuckers.

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