October 01, 2002

i hate the internet.....because i feel drawn to it. its like...fucken...an asshole. i want to fuck it.
fuck you internet.

i hate the fall. because it make sme like this moreso than any other month. the only reaosn i like it is because i can wear lots and lots of clothes and not sweat.
fuck you fall..all in all fuck you.

i hate music..because it made me meet people..which made me do things like....get a livejournal.....and sign up for messengers..and sign up for make out club.com....and like music that makes m sad. like a complete fucking chump.
fuck you music.

i hate my car. because....i just do.
fuck i wont fuck my car. because, much like jameses asshole, i dont know where its been.

i hate geoge lucas and gene roddenberry..becaus ethe invented fabulou fantasy lands for me to lose myself in..and los etouch with reality.
fuck you each in your onw respective asshole..gene and george.

i hate french people..and their fucking homoerotic language.
fuck you france and french alike.

i am going to stab nine people at random.


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