October 05, 2002

HEY, i got some gud funzo stuff to tell you, in a month MR and i are haven a ... omg .. OMG I USED PROPER GRAMMER AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!... well yeah, me and MR are haven a paint ballthing go, we get 10% off and everything so its like 10$$ for everything, and if guns n bows has that 35$$ per case deel again they will call MR R and then the paint will be doubble coverd. so... NOVEMBER 11th ONE MONTH FROM NOW so post if ya wanna go, we alredy got around 12 people ( who will DEFFENATLY go ) 15 or total. Kurt, me, jeff, Napster, arron ( maby ), John, jacob, jacob's friends ( 2 ), damnit forgot his name but i see him everyday, and few others i cant remeber =) ill get some more.

so.... november 11th month from now, time to say " hey boss i want this day off bitch " and then go kill peopl =D

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