October 18, 2002

Damn people for not being available on Friday nights.
Makes for another lack of people for midnight bowl, except this
time due to the fact there were only 2 people, it's not
So I sit at home, writing this post, instead.

Speaking of typing;
I'm driving home, and I realize that my finger is sore. My middle
finger. The one on my right hand. Yes folks, the one most of you
see being displayed in your general direction on a common occasion.
It's going to put a crimp in my Diablo II playing. No hours of mindless
*click**click**click*'ing for me. No-sir-ee.

I saw a great thing at the Casino today. One thing I hate is people with bad
attitudes, brings bad karma to the table, and is just downright annoying. I
play blackjack for fun..I don't need to hear people being general asses.
So this guy has an Ace and a 5...for those who don't know this can be either
a 6 or a 16 (players choice, so if they hit and get a 5, they have 21, or if they
hit and get a 10, it's still 16) And the guy stays...the guy to my left is like
"You're standing on a 6? Never stand on a 6? You're gonna screw up the deck!"
As if the deck is made for him to hit there so we can all get blackjacks thereafter.
Well, comes around, dealer flips, and busts.
As a matter of fact, because of the coming cards, if he had hit like the guy
wanted him to, the dealer would have gotten a 21, and we all would have lost our
The guy never said another thing, right up until the moment he left.
Funny thing was, up to there, and for a good while after that...the whole table had
a winning streak. If he'd hit there, that would have altered the whole rest of the deck
(being who gets what cards and when) and who knows, we might have had a losing
So much for screwing up the deck, eh?

It was grand indeed.

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