October 05, 2002

and this is my retalitory comment to one of those fuckers, on their thoughts about how his life really doesnt exist....
you all are fucking idiots...basically what youve tried to do is hash out an over simplified melodramatic explanation of existentalism for all your white druggie raver foam party friends. But what youve drudged out is a large steaming pile of the word like and big words that im guessing that you dont even really know the meaning of. And as for your bafflement of why people dont try drugs...its for the same reason that people dont think that fucking there toaster will give them improved virility in there day to day love lives. Or how sniffing your cats worm encrusted asshole just might improve ones ideas about how your life is nothing but a fucking waste of oxygen

i feel like a fucking pot thats been on a slow boil for awhile...god i wanna kick the shit out some smartass preppy fuck who thinks hes better than anything else on two legs....people keep telling me this right to my face in normal conversation, "Im not scared of you" now i know that basically they are scared because they have to say that in order to give credit to me thinking that they are full of courage....but im left thinking everytime someone says that...."good im glad you fuckers arent scared of me....i wanna be the normal guy who snaps and comes straight out of left field in a massive flurry of debilitating blows and ankle bites." Catch them all off guard...make them all say jesus christ he looks innocent but i'll be damned if i dont shit my pants everytime he walks by. And i just keep smiling, and it all boils up eventually

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