October 24, 2002

agreed brieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... a stupid person cuts off his head by seeing whats wrong with his table saw while its still pluged in.... why mourn i say ... HAH. James you dont always haft to be one of those happy go lucky feel bad for every person on earth that dies kinda people, so people are sad about 9 11, big woop, im sum what sad, not for the people, like brea said , the population lowerd, but i am sad for the planes, boying, sucurity so people cant get places quicker, and the world being clutterd with people who are so pro " cry for the people who died in the trade center thing "... so let them do what they want it gives them hope of some sort. the'll get sick of it... .... .... we hope...

nother note " do you ever go yo school michael " ...... y'know what FUCK you, i have A's and B's i do my fucken work i jump through the gad damned hoops and DO what is required of me, so you know what MR R and all you other assholes who think im " faking it " GO TO HELL!!! SO IM GAD DAMNED SICK FUCK OFF!!

" oohh he hide behind his mother oooOooOo whine whine whine " what....... the...... fuck??? yeah ok i dont want to go to school my mom says i can stay home because i dont feel well, its no fucking reason for you to come over and drag me out, and for what ??? SCHOOL.... fuck you, school is not real life, SCHOOL is not the " out side world " when i hit 18 and get a job and CAN DRIVE, SET MY OWN TIME TO WAKE UP AND ALL THAT OTHER CRAP THEN I WILL GO PLACES WHEN I AM FUCKEN SICK!!! Y'wanna know what i did all day today... well im gunna tell you, i spent 3 and some odd minuts on the SHITTER, crappen out 6 days of CRAP. so ya know what, Kiss my red swollen asshole! ( exception for those who did not know i was sick and did not say anything )

Die MR R :P

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