September 19, 2002

yeah so whos gunna show up, jamses is all up with the lan'ness till sunday, and he says " hell come over todday if possable " but once the 5 hub is full we hafta wait for bradbury on saturday. yeah well... uuhhh show up now if ya want, we have some WC NWN AVP2 AVP exp FS FS2 and other funzo games play all night, well.. you guys. i got school tommrow, so i go sleep tonight. But yeah i had origanaly planed everyone show up on fraiday get coms set up and all, and we start the weekend funzo ... but james wants people over today or tommrow so we can start funzo asap,

So who is gunna come, gimmy a tell, we got nuff hambergers to feed an army, still need soda and munchys, but yeah... NWN FUNZO!!!

wheeeeeeee get your gets over here!!

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