September 24, 2002

on the way home from work tonight there was a grungy looking old all know the type. looks like a vietnam vet...who didnt make it when he came back from the he dresses all gross..and he never shaves..and has ratty hair....begs for money on freeway off ramps.....etc etc.

on the way home from work...he was staggering around, dragging a television by the the middle of the road....i found this rather amusing.

4 hours later on the way to the video store i saw him again......laying down in the gutter doing motions like little kids do when they are making snow angels.

i found this amusing as well.

on returning from the video store...i saw flashing lights, police everywhere, and EMT's loading his bloodied form into the ambulance.

something tells me i wont see him tomorrow.

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