September 17, 2002

Kissie, I don't think it's ignorant for any of us to make observations based on what you offer us. If you don't want us to comment on something, don't blog it here. I'm certainly not going to go read the book just so I can make a more "educated" comment. So when we make comments based on what is posted, we're just going on what we have, not being ignorant.

Also, there is no music really that doesn't have a "scene" accompanying it. Every group you hear has a following of some size, unless it's just you making the music and not letting anyone else hear it.

Also, putting up new mp3's on a completely new musical pursuit. Anyone with a interest in a variety of music elements and ambience, I'd like you to check out my new stuff, first mp3 went up today, but the site goes down quite a bit.
This is the link

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