September 19, 2002

I'm glad I could contribute to your vocabulary Bradbury...

Also, speaking of vocabulary, I bring you another episode of dialogue from a construction site, this one occuring when my Dad shared anecdotes with another contractor.

CONTRACTOR- I remember I was up on this three story fucking roof, trying to shove this bitch into the fucking thing and then the shit just fucking fell all over the fucking place.

DAD- Fuck, I once got this fucking plumbing shit to do, and I'm in the fucking asshole of the bitch, and I fucking start beating the shit out of this fucking pipe, and the fucking shit just sprays all over the place, so now I'm fucking soaked and there ain't shit I can do about it...

See, the reason this amazes me so much, is that where you and I see tons and tons of expletives, my Dad and the contractor actually understood everything in detail, it's like a whole other language that they speak on construction sites.

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