September 23, 2002

I'd leave my address. But ya dun know me, so there's not much point =P

James, we didn't have a level 4 wiz. We had an incapacitated level 4 wiz
that was stuck in his panther familiar because it died...otherwise that level
4 wiz would have had his ass up there MM'ing the troll to the death =P

And no, you're wrong. I found worms on my own. That's one of the
first games I ever download when I reformat. I've also never played worms with
you, which proves it.
By the way, I very rarely delete my zip files. Normally I burn them onto a CD
so when something happens, such as an emergency format...I have it all.

I never went home, so couldn't have brought him home.
I knew he'd just sit there playing the computer, saying dumb things here and there,
hence not annoying anybody unless they were annoyed by people who just sat
there, so I left him. Yes, he was a good place-holder...and since I figured
nobody was going to show up, I brought him.
So fuck you =P

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