September 30, 2002

i hate aim. because it signs in when i dont want to use it..and it wont sign in when i want to use it.
fuck aim because it is a dirty piece of dick.

i hate girls so very much..because they make absolutely no goddamn sense. none. motherfucking none.

i hate blogger...because it wont remember me when i click the remember me box.
fuck blogger.

i hate large muchness....for being a lonely drunken bastard...who makes sense sometimes...even if he is a bastard.
fuck you james...for making sense.

fuck my comp. teacher, for deciding the paper itsself, rather than just the second draft..was due today.

mcdonalds can suck my hairy balls for not being able to communicate internally that i have days off when i have days off..and for not giving me hours sufficient to pay for things on.

and fuck me....becaus ei allow myself to be the way i am....even though its stupid and i know its stupid.

maybe the real statement is

stupidness is bliss.

fuck you.

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