September 16, 2002

Here's the thing about capitalism since you bring it up. I'm a fan of it... not in all cases, but in America. People always bring up successful socialist governments in an attempt to show me that socialism is better than capitalism. However, these governments either have insanely high tax rates (the U.K.), or they are really irrelevant comparisons. Norway is brought up a lot because it's the most economically successful country in the world and it's a socialist nation, however it's not fair to then say that America should strive to be like Norway. Norway's main exports are snow and fish in all likelihood and their economy doesn't have the complexities of ours, there are only 14 million people in the whole country... and they consume a very small percentage of what is produced in this world. Basically, I think that a lot of people oppose capitalism mainly because it's the most "anti-mainstream" thing they can do without really putting any thought into it. Notice I said "a lot", not "all"...

As for Kissie, isn't "McJobs" symbolic to the point of being lame?

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