September 17, 2002

geting a shitty job to avoid being a corporate drone sounds pretty ignorant to me. you can do a hell of a lot more damage form the inside than you can on the out side.

that smy two cents.

now on to things that amuze me...i wrote this song called "Chris Is A Jack Off"

its about this wigger kid that talks shit to my friend jordan. anyways..somehow or another he stumbled accors this song i wrote for him. anyways..he wrote a "rap" for me. yeah he really busted out some rhymin skeels yo... check this shit out. i fealt it to be blog worthy....due to the high level of laughing...

Lemme drop this bomb about this dude I use to know
He was a shit talker, a chick stalker, nuttin but a lil hoe
His head looked like a peanut but his name was jordan smith
And every time I see his grave it makes me have to take a piss
Jordan thinkz hes tha shit cuz hes a richie-boy fuck
But if ya smell his breath it’ll hit ya like a mack truck
That’s what jordan is
A little hatin hoe
He thinks his rhymes is tight
But his songwriting blows
Cuz jordan cant write
He can never be creative
Cuz he got no balls
And his sexuality’s jaded
A gay little fudge packer
That’s jordan smith
Every time I see his face it makes me wanna break his wrist
Yes jordan’s a bitch, this is true we all know
Cuz his mama was a slut and his daddy didn’t know
That if he fucked this bitch that nine months later
She would soon give birth to a faggot playa hater
And then theres zach,
Hes got an empty nutsack
His mudda wears short-shorts
And she smokes a lotta crack
Crack and nutsack
Those both rhyme with “zach”
Which is more than he can say
Cuz his song bout me’s just wack
His mama’s like fifty
And his dad likes to molest
Little boys and little girls
Boy he jus fucks em to death
Leads em in the bushes
With a chocolate pay-day
Then he pulls down their panties
And zach’s daddy has a hay-day

hehe. what a jack off.

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