March 31, 2002

Yeah so, here i am the last man on my team, rushing up the right side on hamburger hill siting there waiting for people to move in, i hear some moving ans see someone RUSH in, caped his ass GOOD, thinken to myself, ... " 1 min left and somebody had to have seen me shoot him and is waiting for me..... i think ill rush and die glorysly," so i rush out going around the corner and BWAM THERES BRADBURY!!!!! normaly like usal when people are shooting at me i close my eyes and spin, so naturly i aimed my gun at him pulled the trigger like a mad man and spun... i made a row accross his head, 1 hit.... he got me ... 13 times....... still a tie :P.

other then that me and steaven flanked the whole team going down the hill... and i got bradbury IN THE ASS!!!! well... it was in the calf but hay close nuff... then on the air field i rush down the whole thing take out so many people.... then see some GIRL and take pity, " SURRENDER OR DIE!!!!!! " ... ... ... ... CAP CAP CAP CAP!!!! ..... ... .... ok.... FINE... DONT SURRENDERR!!!!
insert michael lighting the fuck out of the wall the is near.... wich about 70% hit her and bounced...

WHHHHHHHHHOH YEAH DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... click click click.... hhmmm no amo.... FALL BACK!!!!
insert mad jimmy run

I thought to myself i could flank her and get her to surrender with no paint..... as im about to rush her.... i look around the corner with her halfway slowly making her way to me.... i yell HOLLY FUCK!!! and run the hell out of there to my team mate.... who gets confused and starts firing at both us.... i yell YOUR TEAM and rush past her leaving her to her death, LEAP over a bunker stand up and get shot in the shin.... i loose ballance and fall strait on my ass....

man o man best game... ever....

there were few other fun things.. like steaven and his god damned new tactic of geting the flag from middle of the house... but ill keep that a suppprize for ya'all the next time we go :)


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