March 27, 2002

So, thanks to the wonders we call - mechanical problems - I don't want to drive my car too much. It's perfectly driveable, so long as I don't try to go in reverse, but I don't want it locking up on me entirely. So, my bank says (because of the loan on it) that if it is maintained in a storage facility (roughly $60/monthly) then I can drop my insurance on it.
That would save me approximately $90 a month.
Big deal. But hell $90 is $90.
I cannot sell the car for as much as I owe on it, simply because a '93 Celica with a bad transmission and the cosmetic damage is certainly not worth $4500.
Which means I need to store it until I can pay off enough to bring the loan down to what I can sell it for, sell the damned off all my other shit...

And get yet another nice car.
But that will be a good ways down the line. Because I'm poor.
So if anybody knows of a car that's for sale for $300-$500 that should last atleast 6 months 'till somethin goes wrong (so I can buy another shitty car) Then lemme know.
So I can lock up my car, and throw this damnable $250 insurance down the drain.

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