March 20, 2002



The Tall guy /was/ the guy from Frontier. Unless I have a friend that I don't know about.
Joeseph Whitford worked with me (fired recently) and we knew eachother from Frontier.
I was staying with him and Rosalie for some time. The only 2 people from the apartment at the time, and hence the /only/ two people I brought along.

And no you don't see me with a new person every time you see me, because I'm /not/.
Straight up cannot happen, since I /don't/ hang out with these new people.
There's Joe and James Parker, who I've known for years, there's this group, there's Rosalie and Joe from work (Joe being also from frontier, and being tall) and now there's a recent addition named Marylin from work.

So I don't know what you are seeing as far as my 'socialization'...but you need to lay off the shrooms or something dude.
Not like I'd go and lie about it. It's not as if I /enjoy/ being anti-social. As a matter of fact I hate it. But fact of the matter is, it's feel free to pretend you see me with these people....and next time you see me with one of these imagined people, please point them out to me, because maybe if I can start seeing hallucinatory people then I won't be so gad fucking depressed every time I come home from work.

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