March 19, 2002

This started with what?

I swear to christ people, GROW THE FUCK UP! All of you! My god.
Ok, So let me get this straight:
James had a bad day at work-
Aaron says James is an Ass (ooo...Them's fighting)-
Aaron brought some people to the Friday "What used to be Jimmy-day" gathering thing that was once "lead" by James-
James doesn't want to "lead" anymore-
James doesn't like large groups of people (understandable)-
James said "I go this way, you go this way", group splits in two-
Aaron and I get together for DDR on Friday-
Aaron announces that he is starting to get together with other people away from Sharis-
Aaron also states his views on Gattica (which was a bad movie in my opinion)-
James gets mad, writes "attack Aaron post"-
New info------

Steve doesn't like large groups-
All the sudden, Steve has brought people before?...huh..weird
"Fucking idiots" becomes a common phrase in everyday speech-
People don't know how to talk to one another-
Episode II: Denny's vs. Sharis's


Ok, all over what? Because someone wants to get together in a different group? Whoop-D-Fucking-DO! Lets go through this again shall we?
Aaron posted something he shouldn't have on the board, yes, that is true, it should have been sent through e-mail or whatever. Apparently Aaron has been calling James an "Ass." Now are an ass, but who gives a fuck? I'm an ass all the time, so is Drew, Aaron, even DS can be a major ASS. The only thing that seperates us from a lot of people is WE ALL KNOW THAT WE ARE ASSHOLES!

So someone brought some other people to the Friday "What used to be Jimmy-day" gathering. Someone spoke out that the group was too big and broke apart, this shouldn't have been taken in a bad way (Aaron). All the sudden people speak down to James (Aaron, Drew) as if he were a bad person (no, he's just an ass).

James doesn't want to be a "leader" anymore, now James, you haven't been much of a "Program Manager" but merely a "Scheduled Task." You had the routine, and everyone followed, now, having followers doesn't make you a leader.

Now, the day after, Aaron posted his "We'll hang out at Denny's instead now." .... so where's the problem? Now Aaron is a "fucking idiot" (along with the rest of you, but I'll get to that later). So Aaron wants to start another group and the message was only meant to note it to some other people that may want to alternate from the normal Friday "What used to be Jimmy-day" gathering to another group. I don't ever remember Aaron saying "Fuck you all, I hate this group, I want to kill all of you and fuck your dead corpses with my hunk of manmeat", so wait, he didn't say this did he? No...SO STOP ACTING LIKE HE DID! All the sudden Aaron is the Anti-Christ and everyone hates him. So he meantioned another get together group *GASP!*

So now, James goes hogwild and attacks Aaron at everything he says (much like I did long ago). Can we say, over-reacting? yes we can....cry James, cry me a river.

(Insert many "Online Test" images)

All the sudden, being a materialist is mentioned. Out of all the things James said, all people picked up were the petty "I own many NIN CDs"?? POINTLESS! I skip this.

And along comes Steve. Steve doesn't like large groups either and wow, Steve works at Wal-Mart? Nasty. You know, I never remember Steve bringing anyone along to the Friday "What used to be Jimmy-day" gathering. This may be because I rarely went, but when I did, he never brought anyone. But that's besides the point. Steve also doesn't know how to use Proper Grammer, I guess that's how he got his job at Wal-Mart. "Which is actually something me and James discussed numerous times weeks beforehand." It's "James and I" Steve.

Drew posted. Ok, Drew may not have much to say but "Fucking Idiot" (and so starts the trend). Not only does Drew use Anti-Social out of context, but he rarely justified his response "I completely agree with you", "You're a fucking idiot", why? WHY?!?

Wow, what a flamewar we have here...I hate you all.

Cry, someone called me an ass.
Cry, someone's leaving.
Cry, he's a jerk to my friends.

Grow the fuck up people, jesus christ. It was nothing to whine and bitch about. All of you are "Fucking Idiots" for taking it this far and bickering back and forth like little 5th graders. I'm seeing unjust insults from most people and just petty comments that state "I have lots of stuff" It went from "I'm getting another group together" to "This is my CD collection" and "Fuckity fuck fuck fuck...shit...idiots moron fuck fuck fuck go to hell. I'm unjust, here my cry for battle ass."

James, you got down on Aaron for talking about relationships all the time (noting to your artistic work), yet, your post was far more pointless and just a stupid attack on someone. Go shoot yourself in the face.

Aaron, You probably shouldn't have posted that on this board. Retarded move. Go shoot yourself in the face.

Drew, Don't just blindly insult people without justification. Go shoot yourself in the face.

Steve, You didn't do anything bad here except use bad grammer (I probably did too...but oh well), go shoot yourself in the face anyway.

I'm just sick and tired of all your whiney, post pubescent, he said she said bullshit. Drink something, and just let it pass by, who really cares.

- Jesse

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