March 22, 2002

First of all I'd like to say that Lateralus is the best TOOL album ever, followed by Aenima...

But as for your "debate starter" and the quotes are entirely necessary, where is the logic to back up your statements? You claim to have a viewpoint that is valid, but why is it valid? Because Webster said something that almost backs up your "proof" of faith being blind to be necessary. I believe you once told me to read Kierkegaard James, and now I think you need to follow your own advice, for he writes a few books on the subject of "faith", all of which are logically backed up, and all of which easily refute your "debate starter", so I don't really have to. Faith in God is not concrete, no, but it is far from blind, which shows that you have done very very little research on the subject... If there weren't a lot of evidence to justify the existence of God, than no one would have faith, or belief, which I hardly find worth dividing, in him.

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