March 28, 2002

............ your serious Bradbury, i sure damn hope so, went to docs today and they found out what was wrong, my mind was fucked up again and they gimmey some sheeeeeeet that make me bvetter and fix my sleepen habbits...soooooooo after today and tommrow, i should be good to go, nothing can stop me NOTHING!!!!! ... inless no one picks me up :( ... ... ... mmmrrrr RRRRR... heeeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeee. Only thing stoping me now is taking my pills.... which i can bring with me SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! and my dad.... he wont be awake till 10 or so, so someone pick me uo at 7 if possible, and bradbury it wont be as much as i expected, 1, the deel debbie gives me will gimmy about 500/w ent fee, and like 10$ for 1000? * shrug *

I dunno, if your ok with it bradbury ill be sure to pay you back once i get a job, wich wont be long ( 3 months ) because IM GOUING TO GET MY FUCKEN GRADES UP AND SHOVE THAT 10 DAY SHIT DOWN THE THROAT OF EVERY TEACHER WHO SAID IM NOT GOING TO PASS..........*insert classes im going to sever to save the legg* MATH.... that is it. Once i get all that taken care of mom said she will help me get the 66 dodge dart and my drivers licence then its up to me to get a job..... then i can join the working life .....

I School/Work.... I work.... I grow old I DIE.... just rember that peoples .... YOUR ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soon or later

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